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About Me


"I'm a passionate UI/UX Designer hailing from the vibrant city of Mumbai, India. Armed with a Master's degree in Industrial Design from the esteemed National Institute of Technology, Rourkela, I've successfully bridged the worlds of engineering and design.

My journey began with a Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering, laying the foundation for my unique perspective as a designer. I thrive on the challenges that UI/UX design presents, relishing the opportunity to contribute to something greater than myself. It's a canvas where I can apply Design Thinking principles to tackle real-world problems on a grand scale.

What truly sets me apart is my knack for connecting technical intricacies with the ultimate goal of ensuring user satisfaction. I find immense fulfillment in harmonizing these elements to create seamless and user-centric experiences.

Beyond the world of design, I'm an avid explorer of flavors, frequently indulging in Mumbai's delectable street food scene. I cherish quiet moments spent discovering new and tranquil places, and my love for tea is unwavering - you can catch me seeking the perfect cup of brew at any time.

So, whether it's crafting exceptional user interfaces or savoring the simple joys of life, I'm always ready to infuse creativity and innovation into everything I do. A true aficionado of both design and the finer pleasures in life, I'm a Tea Lover at heart."

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