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         A driving license is one of the necessary documents for drivers. But there exists a section of the population who did not have a driving license at the primary stages of driving. Nowadays applying for driving license have two way first is filling and submitting the application form offline and second is filling application form online and submit it offline. But here both processes seem to be the same. nowadays everything is moving toward interactive interfaces such as ATM, CDM, Vending, and Token system machines in telecommunication company's customer help centers, etc.  So, I came up with the thought that Regional Transportation Office should also move to Interactive Interface System for driving applying at primary phase. Here "SafeRathi" is the logo name for this interactive interface system.


        As 'SafeRathi' is an interactive interface system for RTO primarily for applying driving license so that I consider it as the sister concern of the 'SARATHI' the online portal for the driving application. Also, as we know that the person which having a driving license is considered as he is the Safer person for driving and SaRathi is the Sanskrit word for the driver so by combining these to word I got the "SafeRathi" name for the interactive interface system.

safe rathi1.png

       Since 'SafeRathi" interactive interface is made considering as the customer is government. So, as its serious interface system by government to people I choose primarily Tri-Color of Indian National flag for the logo.





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SafeRathi: Ease of Driving License Application

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